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Peak or Notch Lapel?

Peak or Notch Lapel?

When shopping for your new suit or sport coat, one common decision that generally needs to be made is whether or not to look for a notch lapel, or a peak lapel on your jacket. In most cases, it’s something that hasn’t even been considered until the question comes up to the client. So which one is more “in-style”, which one will be more timeless? The correct answer? Both.


Notch lapels on your jacket are one of the most common and basic shapes for most suits and sport-coats. They are generally accepted as the more classic or “safer” option of the two, and the shape of a notch lapel can take you anywhere from your basic soft shoulder jacket, all the way to a tuxedo, and everywhere in between.


Peak lapels by contrast are typically a little more avant garde, and have generally been reserved for models of clothing that are a little more sporty, or flashy. They add a level of interest to whatever jacket simply because they stand out and look different.


The real key to understanding which one is the right choice for you comes down to what your intended use of the suit or jacket will be. If you are looking to fill a gap in your workwear or are looking for that new power suit to wear into your office that is still boardroom appropriate, you can never go wrong with the notch. However, if you have plenty of basics in your wardrobe and you are ready to step it up a “notch” (pun intended) then opting for a peak lapel on your next jacket can really mix things up a bit.
Remember, style is completely cyclical. Notch lapels, and peak lapels have both fluctuated in terms of popularity over the years but both have stood the test of time. Choosing which one is right for you will ultimately come down to the intended use of the clothing, but the bottom line remains. You simply can’t go wrong.

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