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A few simple ways to take care of suede shoes.

A few simple ways to take care of suede shoes.

For many guys out there, suede can be a very intimidating material. It’s softness, texture, and richness in color (especially in lighter shades), may seem like a nightmare to keep clean. The truth is, it certainly doesn’t have to be such a challenge. There are a few simple steps that you can take to prevent having, your next night out with your new suede sneakers, be their last:

-First, invest a little extra coin in a reliable waterproofer. Many companies will treat their suede shoes from the factory with a minor coating to hold off moisture, but it is always wise to DIY (maybe a couple times a season) just to preserve the protectant layer. Simply spray a nice light coating from about a 12” distance and let them dry. Wearing them while wet attracts more dust, etc to the suede and you will want them to dry so they return to their normal color.

-Next, get a decent suede brush. Usually they are made from horse-hair, a soft nylon, or something similar in texture, and you will be surprised what a difference just brushing the suede back and forth can make to even out spots that you initially thought were “scuffs”.

-Lastly, using a little bit of common sense is always your friend. Don’t wear suede shoes outside in the middle of a rainstorm even if you’ve sprayed them and don’t make them your snow shovel shoes either.

Be sensible and your suede will be just fine.

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