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Fitting Your Lifestyle.

We believe style is personal, unique and for everyone-regardless of age. We are a destination focused on helping men define their own style whether it's a navy pinstripe suit, modern sportswear, or anything in between. No matter what, we will help you find the look that fits you and your lifestyle.


“I’ve got some items in my wardrobe that I had to be talked into at first, and they’ve become favorites. My closet is a tale of two lifestyles; for work, you will find that I wear a suit most days, and enjoy the process of putting a complete, perfectly-tailored business look together. I’m particular about everything: from my shirt collar, to my cuff links, to my ties.” -David S. Maher

“I have a sense of what I like and how I like things to fit, so I can call JB and explain where I’m going and the occasion, and then stop by J3 and he will have everything laid out for me. I’ve got this double breasted jacket and it’s a little avant-garde. Every time I put it on, I feel like a rock star.” -Dr. Dale Kates D.D.S.

“I love the ability to change the collar, pockets, color stitching, buttons and even lining for that truly custom vibe. Also, no look would be complete without a great belt, pocket square and very cool shoes.” -Leonard “Kip” Erksine

“I am one of Jack’s original customers. We’ve watched each other grow up and our respective careers flourish. I value and trust his expertise. I do shop when I travel, but nine times out of 10, I don’t wear what I buy on my own and I find myself going back to Jack to find something new. He’s a big influence.” – Michael H. Wojtanowski, M.D. FACS

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