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How to Look Cool When It’s Hot

How to Look Cool When It’s Hot

How to Look Cool When It’s Hot

When the summer weather finally hits, and the humidity has you dreading to get dressed for your day, you are left to: sit around in your underwear and do nothing all day, go out in your workout gear, or if you are like the rest of us, you have to get it together and get dressed. There definitely are ways, however, that you can minimize the effects of Mother Nature by having your closet ready for the season. Here are a few tips on how to look cool even when it’s hot:

1. Choose the right fabrics.
Some fabrics like a linen, or a pima cotton, can be your best friends when things get steamy outside. Linen has been used for centuries as the fabric of choice in arid climates mainly because garments made from linen provide a looser weave and allow for more airflow. Linen is also a highly absorbent fabric which helps keep clothes from sticking to you as you perspire. The trade off as we all know, is that linen can tend to wrinkle easily. But, that is the nature of the fabric so GET OVER IT. Many linen pieces are designed to look that way and in no way is it an indicator of someone being unkempt.

If the wrinkles really get to you, that’s where our friend Pima comes into play. Pima cotton is a more refined and higher quality cotton than most. It is softer, lighter, thinner and in many cases can also be more breathable depending on the weave. It’s also important to know which fabrics to avoid. Nylon, Silk, Polyester, and Rayon are all less breathable fabrics, tend to hold moisture and odor, and can be much more uncomfortable when the weather gets warm.

2. Consider your colors
Wearing dark colors during a heat wave may seem counterintuitive, but it can certainly have its benefits. Yes, wearing black during the middle of a sunny day will certainly attract more heat, but it will also be the best way to hide any perspiration. Wearing dark or neutral colors can really aid in the battle to stay looking cool. Even a bright white can hide most moisture whereas in-between shades of grey and lighter colors show moisture at the first drop.

3. Fit is important.
This one seems a little bit obvious here, but the tighter your clothing gets, the less air that circulates and all of a sudden you are feeling overheated. It can quickly result in an increased heart rate and body temperature. Opting for clothing that is a little less close to the skin can help you feel a little less sticky, and a little more relief.

4. Relieve yourself of unnecessary layers.
We all know the type. “I have to wear undershirts because I sweat.” That’s an example of a popular misconception. Ditch the undershirt. An added layer is still an added layer on your body, which will hold in body heat. Yes, it may help you hide your sweat, but only temporarily, and it will not keep you from sweating. By not wearing an under shirt you also allow your body to cool down faster as you won’t be retaining moisture against your body.

Follow these guidelines and you will be sure to be the “coolest” guy at your next summer soirée.

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