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How to achieve that perfect broken in feel with your new denim.

How to achieve that perfect broken in feel with your new denim.

So you finally splurged on that new pair of designer jeans that you have had your eye on for months. Now the next step is how do you take that pair of jeans from being “new” to feeling like you have owned them and worn them for years. There are many different tricks and opinions on how to do this, but one constant amongst any method remains; You have to wear them, and wear them often. Jeans that are “raw” or that have no finish typically have a 100% cotton composition. Cotton as a natural fiber has a tendency to soften up and also loosen on the weave to achieve that perfect stretched feel. They literally conform to the shape of your body, and wearing them will also gradually fade some of the dye in the denim as well. Consider the pockets that you usually put your wallet, or phone in and realize that those wear spots will be the first places that the dye will fade. Consistently putting your wallet in your back right pocket can yield some pretty unique fading on your jeans that will surely add to the overall character of your jeans. Little things like that is exactly what makes them YOURS.

The second part to this process is how you wash your jeans. The popular misconception is that you need to wash them as frequently as you wash the rest of your clothing. STOP. You really only need to give them a refresh when you feel as though they’re becoming a little grimy. A simple wash on cold, inside out, and just hang to dry is a simple way to maintain their color and preserve the feel. The dryer is your enemy. So go ahead, wear them, enjoy them, make them your own.

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