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Is “athleisure” really a thing?

Is “athleisure” really a thing?

Over the last few years in menswear, there has been a new term that has rapidly made its way around every showroom; athleisure. A lot of men ask us about this and if it’s really a direction in men’s clothing for the long haul, or is this simply a fly by night trend?

Lets remember first that style in many ways is completely cyclical. So, this concept isn’t exactly a brand new idea, but rather an adaptation of an idea from the 70’s. Anyone ever heard of the term “leisure suit”? That concept was made popular based on the general population’s desire to have a more relaxed idea of what a traditional “work” suit is. Something formal enough to look nice while still being chic enough to wear after hours. In so many ways the idea of athleisure is the same concept.

However, what’s the major difference? The inspiration of materials generally reserved only for athletic clothing, as well as incorporating things like sneakers paired with soft jackets etc. A huge portion of this athleisure movement has been based around the sneaker culture taking off like wildfire. Sneakers have been an ever increasing presence not only from the big names like Nike and Adidas, but upper echelon luxury brands have been making them a huge portion of their lines for the season. Combinations with unstructured soft jackets, tee shirts, cotton pants and joggers sum up the concept fairly well. Mix and match however you like, but they all get the point across.

The motif should always be a refined version of comfort. Casual feeling clothing with more luxurious materials. A vibe that says, “I know how to wear a suit when I need to, but I prefer to be sensibly fashionable.” A look that can take you from casual Friday at the office to Friday night out on the town. While athleisure may not initially be a look that is in everyone’s comfort zone, try it out. Sub in joggers instead of trousers, opt for a great tee shirt instead of the button down. Love it or hate it, it’s undeniable that the presence of this movement is here to stay. Here are a few different examples of this look, and many more ideas and product available in store today for the season.

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