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When Those Favorite Pieces No Longer Fit

When Those Favorite Pieces No Longer Fit

Everyone has had that moment when they look in their closet and realize their clothing just doesn’t fit the way it used to. Over the years, we get bigger, we get smaller, our bodies change, which is a normal part of life. However, our clothes stay the same size.

Therefore, what can you do with those pieces that were memorable, but just don’t fit right anymore or feature a color or pattern that you no longer find appealing?


If it’s a item of clothing you are willing to re-invest in, bring it in to an expert tailor. The J3 tailoring shop is second to none and is known to have brought varieties of clothing back to life from the back of your close. For all tailoring inquiries, feel free to stop in the store, or set up an appointment at 216.285.0555.


If tailoring is not the right option for you and you prefer to donate those clothes to someone who can put it to good use, we have an excellent resource. EDWINS’s Leadership & Restaurant Institute is a local organization in Cleveland that gives formerly incarcerated adults a solid foundation in the hospitality industry in a network and sets them up for long term success. Graduates of the program have gained employment in Cleveland’s finest restaurants after finishing the program or after their release.

Organizations like EDWINS’s is not only great for our community, but also a cause we feel passionate about. We hope you will, too. Please consider donating your unused garments to this organization as it may be the biggest blessing to someone in need. For more information on EDWINS, visit www.edwinsrestaurant.org/about-us/.

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