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Who/What is J3?

Who/What is J3?

The first edition of our new monthly blog (only the inaugural blog will be this long!)

While some of you may know our story it only makes sense to start at the beginning.  Jack, JB and Joe opened J3 Clothing in 2011 with a unified vision.  At the time these three brand new entrepreneurs had a collective 80 years in the retail industry.  They worked as salesman, buyers and wore any hat needed as they paved their way in the business.  A bond was created between the three J’s at their final stop prior to J3.  Their reputation in the industry was not going unnoticed.  They all believed in the same culture centered around taking care of the customer.  The only way to do so was to ask questions and give the customer what they want and need and nothing more even and especially if it meant not selling them anything.  The J’s wanted to create long term customers and friends by being open and honest with people which is a trait that is often lost in many sales approaches today.  As they continued to share the same beliefs and approach it became clear they desired to form a team to take their vision to the next level.  Three men with vast experience and the same cultural beliefs all would play a key role in their new business.

The inception of J3 started to become a reality.  These three men established a plan and reached out to vendors who were happy to support their dream and help do their part to make it a reality.  Customers were notified and pledged their support and loyalty to the J’s, promising to follow them to their new store.  As the ball continued to roll construction was in progress on the new store, but there was no time to sit and wait for the doors to open.  Customers had to be taken care of in the interim and were asking the J’s how they could get product.  While always finding a way to make things happen with a sense of urgency this was no different as they set up a home base at Joe’s house and delivered clothing out of their cars.  That continued until the doors opened at the new store in September of 2011.  Since that time the store continues to evolve with the customers interest in mind.  Long term relationships have been formed with customers, vendors and employees.  While the three J’s main focus will always be sales they are also now business owners who must share the responsibilities that come along with that.  Three very sales oriented men also with three very different personalities and strengths create great balance.  Jack is in charge of the production in the tailoring shop, JB handles the bulk of the purchasing and Joe handles the accounting and human resources.  These duties are handled with the utmost care and proper amount of time, but never take a backseat to helping a customer on the sales floor.  In addition tailoring our garments is a big part of what makes us who we are at J3.  When the store first opened one tailor was servicing the entire customer base in a small room in the back of the store.  Today we have 5 full time tailors in a spacious tailor shop and they truly don’t have a moment to spare.  We are grateful for all the business we have that keeps us tremendously busy.  We are blessed with great partners on the customer and vendors side.  These partnerships have allowed us to constantly raise the bar and continue to grow and that will always be the goal.

As J3 employees each of us work to support each other which allows us to give our customers the best experience possible.  We always work as a team!  No sale is too big or too small and no customer is taken for granted.  We would rather not sell someone anything at all then to sell them the wrong thing.  We appreciate referrals and always take pride in delivering on our top notch reputation.  How do we help service your needs?  By asking questions…  Who are you?  What do you do for work?  What do you wear to work?  What do you do outside of work?  What do you wear outside of work?  What’s already in your closet?  When and where will you wear this garment?  How often will you wear it?  Without asking these questions we are doing you a disservice and it’s the only way can properly help you.  We refuse to let you buy anything you will not wear and you will often hear us telling a customer, “I am not letting you buy that!”  Again, our culture is based on honesty and a long term relationship.  Those two qualities are often lost in society today…

Tomorrow I will be entering my tenth month as a J3 employee and to see the passion that these three men still have after this many years is truly inspiring.  There is no complacency, rather only a desire to get better and grow.  That is exactly the plan and what will undoubtedly continue to happen because it is the J3 way.  At the end of every workday we compliment each other on a job well done and discuss the achievements and progress we made that day.  Sometimes we share a libation as well.  We don’t look to rush out after the day has ended as we worked hard all day with one another and enjoy decompressing and reflecting on the day that has been.  While we praise one another as we walk out the door often sharing a hug goodbye we quickly look to the next day as we must do it all over again and perform even better that following day.

Tomorrow we ring in a new year and we can’t thank our partners enough for the success of this year and all the years prior.  We look forward to a successful new year with all of you and we thank you for your support and business!  Without our great vendor and customer base there is no J3.  How do we stay motivated and humbled?  Well as Jack says, “We came from nothing and we brought it all with us!”

Happy New Year to you and your families and we hope to see you all soon.

– Junior and the J3 Team

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